Ground Control Projects

Mansfield Residential Village, Mansfield, Vic, Commercial, 2024
Solar Farm # 16, New England, NSW, Commercial, 2024
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) # 11, Wimmera, Vic, Commercial, 2024
Solar Farm # 15, New England, NSW, Commercial, 2024
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 10, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2024
Solar Farm #14, New England, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Solar Farm #13, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Durnin/Macaskill Property, Merrijig, Vic, Private Residential, 2023
Koren Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 9, Murray Region, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 8, Southern Tablelands, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 7, South West Slopes, NSWCommercial, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 6, Eastern Adelaide Hills, SACommercial, 2023
Outlook Ride, Kurunjang, Vic, Residential Development, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) # 5, Central West, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (D-BESS) #4, Murraylands, SA, Commercial, 2023
Maygar Boulevard, Broadmeadows, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2023
Solar Farm # 12, Northern Country, Vic, Commercial, 2023
110 Whites Road, Mount Duneed, Vic, Residential Development, 2023
Shady Lake Park, Barjarg, Vic, Campground Planning, 2023
Small Court, San Remo, Vic, Residential Development, 2023
Mansfield Heritage Museum, Mansfield, Vic, Public Urban, 2023
Ballarto Road, Cranbourne East, Vic, Residential Development, 2023
Solar Farm #11, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Goal Post Road, Mt Buller, Vic, Vegetation Assessment/Report, 2023
Mickleham Road, Greenvale, Vic, Residential Development, 2023
Hicks Property, Goughs Bay, Vic, Private Residential, 2023
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) #3, Central West, NSW, Commercial, 2023
Galea Property, Kithbrook, Vic, Private Residential, 2023
Abey Road Estate, Melton, Vic, Residential Development, 2022
Solar Farm #10, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2022
Solar Farm #9, Wimmera, Vic, Commercial, 2022
Mernda Rise Estate, Mernda, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2022
Campbell Road, Cobram, Vic, Residential Development, 2022
Settlers Hill, Mernda, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2022
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) #2, South West Slopes, NSW, Commercial, 2022
Carmichael Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2022
Solar Farm #8, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2022
Creekstone North, Tarneit, Vic, Residential Development, 2022
Fossett Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2022
Santamaria Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2022
Regent Street, Mernda, Vic, Residential Development (as-con drgs), 2022
Acacia Estate, Botanic Ridge, Vic, Residential Development (as-con drgs), 2022
Central General Practice, Mansfield, Vic, Commercial/Medical, 2022
Fazzalari Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2022
Kingsfield Estate, Sunbury, Vic, Residential Development (as-con drgs), 2022
Thatcher Reserve Playspace, Vermont, Vic, Recreational (as-con drgs), 2022
Solar Farm #7, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2022
Fuller Road Industrial Estate, Ravenhall, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2022
Redbank Rise Estate, Seymour, Vic, Residential Development, 2021
Greenhill Recreation Reserve Playspace, Wallan, Vic, Public Urban/Recreational, 2021
Manor Lakes Estate, Manor Lakes, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2021
Nexus Industrial Estate, Dandenong South, Vic, Commercial/Industrial (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2021
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) #1, Regional Victoria, Commercial, 2021
Solar Farm #6, Northern Tablelands, NSW, Commercial, 2021
Solar Farm #5, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2021

Solar Farm #4, Central Northen NSW, Commercial, 2021
Solar Farm #3, New England, NSW, Commercial, 2021
Alira Estate, Berwick, Vic, Residential Development Wetland (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2021
Arramont Estate, Wollert, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2021
Solar Farm #2, Riverina, NSW, Commercial, 2021
382 Boundary Road, Armstrong Creek, Vic, Town Centre Development (part), 2021
1358 Whittlesea-Yea Road, Kinglake West, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2021
28 Ferrier Road, New Gisbourne, Vic, Residential Development (as-con drgs), 2021
825/835 Mickelham Road, Greenvale, Vic, Residential Development (as-con drgs), 2021
Walkers Road, Lara, Vic, Townhouse Development, 2021
Ridd Court, Seymour, Vic, Residential Development (infill), 2021
Summit Carpark Redesign, Mt Buller, Vic, Tourism/Transport, 2021
Wattle Street Playspace, Broadford, Vic, Public Urban/Recreational, 2021
Arcadia N3 Open Space & Streetscapes, Officer, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2021
Hams Road Estate, Waurn Ponds, Vic, Residential Development (detailed cost projections), 2021
The Brendan Estate, Greenvale, Vic, Residential Development, 2021
Ciara Heights Estate, Greenvale, Vic, Residential Development, 2021
Solar Farm #1, Central Northern NSW, Commercial, 2021
Ballarat Station Bus Interchange, Ballarat, Vic, Urban Renewal/Transport, 2020
Dalgona Estate, Mount Duneed, Vic, Residential Development, 2020
Afonso Residence, Wodonga, Vic, Private Residential, 2020
Lumeah Estate, Cranbourne West, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2020
Attwell/Rosewood Branch Sewer Revegetation, Deanside, Vic, Residential Development, 2020
Carlingford Estate, Lalor, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2020
Playspaces Development, Broadford, Vic, Public Urban/Recreational, 2020
Hillgrove Estate, Rockbank, Vic, Residential Development (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2020
Morrissey Property, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2020
Crockett Print Studio Upgrade, Mansfield, Vic, Boutique Commercial, 2019
Chancellor Avenue, Bundoora, Vic, Commercial (A-Spec as-con drgs), 2019
Taylors Rise, Plumpton, Vic, New Community, 2019
Tatura Waters, Tatura, Vic, Rural Residential Development, 2019
Davies Property, Jamieson, Vic,Whole Farm Planning, 2019
New Sports Pavilion, Lords Reserve, Mansfield, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2019
72-82 Samaria Road, Benalla, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2019
Mansfield High Street Western Median Redevelopment, Public Urban, 2018
Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment, Ballarat, Vic, Urban Renewal/Public Urban/Commercial, 2018
70-80 Eucumbene Drive, Ravenhall, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2018
Russo Residence, Dandenong South, Vic, Private Residential, 2018
Hayston Views, Epping, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2018
Numurkah Solar Farm, Drumanure, Vic, Commercial, 2018
Orbis Business Park, Ravenhall, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2017
Murphy Residence, Howqua Inlet, Vic, Private Residential, 2017
Innovation Park Streetscape Stages, Dandenong South, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2017
Strathmerton Milk Transfer Station, Strathmerton, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2016
Fraser Brown Equine, Tuerong, Vic, Private Residential, 2016
Grassy Flat Road, Diamond Creek, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2015
Mildura Prevention & Recovery Care Facility, Mildura, Vic, Health/Community, 2015
Rockfield Way Streetscape, Ravenhall, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2015
Yarra Valley Water Energy from Waste Plant, Wollert, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2015
White Box Rise Community Facility, Wodonga, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2015
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre Expansion, Ravenhall, Vic, Institutional, 2014
Westlink Industrial Estate, Ravenhall, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2014
Sa’Vey Arabian Horses, Mansfield, Vic, Whole Farm Planning, 2014
Delatite Hotel, Mansfield, Vic, Commercial, 2013
Fairfield Park Pavilion, Fairfield, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2013
Highgrove, Clyde North, Vic, New Community, 2013
Malcolm Creek Preschool, Craigieburn, Vic, Educational/Community, 2013
19 Yarradale Road, Toorak, Vic, Private Residential, 2013
23 Yarradale Road, Toorak, Vic, Private Residential, 2013
Diamond Ridge, Diamond Creek, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2013
Infinity Estate, Plumpton, Vic, New Community, 2013
Innovation Park Drainage Reserve, Dandenong South, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2012
Spring Road Apartments, Malvern, Vic, Private Residential, 2012
Gore/Butler House, Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA, Private Residential, 2012
Orbis Green, Plumpton, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2011
The Point, Plumpton, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2011
Ashburton Library & Learning Centre, Ashburton, Vic, Educational/Community, 2011
Ambulance Victoria Strathdale, Strathdale, Vic, Health/Community, 2011
Evans Park Business Village, Cranbourne West, Vic, Mixed Use Commercial/Residential, 2011
HM Prison Dhurringile, Dhurringile, Vic, Institutional, 2011
Willow Park ‘The Residences’, Maidstone, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 2011
Willow Park Precinct 5B, Maidstone, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 2011
Mansfield BMX Track, Mansfield, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2011
South Beach Road, Torquay North, Vic, New Community, 2011
Auburn Grove, Croydon South, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2011
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre Extension, Ravenhall, Vic, Institutional, 2011
Laverton Creek Sections 38 & 39, Ravenhall, Vic, Waterway/Wetland, 2010
Waurn Ponds Library & Community Hub, Waurn Ponds, Vic, Educational/Community, 2010
Burrowes Property, Merrijig, Vic, Private Residential, 2010
Mansfield Family & Childrens’ Centre, Mansfield, Vic, Health/Community, 2010
Melton Landscape Guidelines Review, Melton, Vic, Local Government, 2010
Multi-apartment Development, Maidstone, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 2010
Eisner’s Lane, Mansfield, Vic, Public Urban, 2010
Merrijig Changue Rd Reserve, Merrijig, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2009
Crockett Cottage Studio, Mansfield, Vic, Private Residential, 2009
Lyndarum @ Wollert, Wollert, Vic, New Community, 2008
Kooyong Road Apartments, Caulfield North, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 2008
Mt Evelyn Safeway, Mt Evelyn, Vic, VCAT Expert Witness, 2008
Beolite Village, Mansfield, Vic, Independent Living Development, 2007
Hallam Train Station, Hallam, Vic, Transport, 2007
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Ravenhall, Vic, Institutional, 2007
Maratos Residence, Brighton, Vic, Private Residential, 2006
Coleman’s Road / Eumemmering Creek, Dandenong South, Vic, Waterway/Wetland, 2006
Affinity @ Eden Rise, Berwick, Vic, New Community, 2006
Melbourne Girlsʼ College, Richmond, Vic, Educational/Community, 2006
McNamara Property, Barwite, Vic, Private Residential, 2006
Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, Berwick, Vic, Commercial, 2006
White Box Rise, Wodonga, Vic, New Community, 2005
Riversdale Golf Club, Mount Waverley, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2005
Highlands, Craigieburn, Vic, New Community, 2005
Bald Hill Road Industrial Park, Pakenham, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 2005
Grand Central, Pakenham, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2004
Fallingwater, Pakenham, Vic, New Community, 2003
Kennedy Creek, Pakenham, Vic, Waterway/Wetland, 2003
Mansfield High Street Townscape, Mansfield, Vic, Public Urban, 2003
Windsor Estate, Deer Park, Vic, New Community, 2003
Narre Warren North Vet Centre, Narre Warren North, Vic, Commercial, 2002
Killarney Lakes Estate, Melton, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2002
Sovereign Gardens, Melton, Vic, New Community, 2001
Eden Rise Estate, Berwick, Vic, New Community, 2001
Ruby Square, Braybrook, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 2001
Orchard Place, Werribee, Vic, New Community, 2001
Caulfield Racecourse, Caulfield, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 2000
Sandown Quarantine Facility Stage 2, Sandown, Vic, Commercial, 2000
Brookfield Rise, Brookfield, Vic, New Community, 2000
Taylors Hill Estate, Taylors Hill, Vic, New Community, 1999
Woodlands Promenade, Narre Warren South, Vic, New Community, 1999
Mackelroy Rd Plenty, Plenty, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 1999
Windsor Park, Deer Park, Vic, New Community, 1999
Tennant Residence, Richmond, Vic, Private Residential, 1999
Hartwell Primary School, Camberwell, Vic, Educational/Community, 1999
Ashfield Estate, Sunbury, Vic, New Community, 1999
Duster Residence, Surrey Hills, Vic, Private Residential, 1999
Lawes Residence, Keilor, Vic, Private Residential, 1999
Frew Wholesale Meats, Melton South, Vic, Commercial, 1999
Brookfield Estate, Melton South, Vic, New Community, 1998
Palm Grove Estate, Aspendale, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 1998
Dandenong Independent Living Units, Dandenong, Vic, Independent Living Development, 1997
Sandown Grandstand, Sandown, Vic, Sports/Recreational, 1997
Fleming Residence, Mount Eliza, Vic, Private Residential, 1997
Gilbertson Industrial Estate, Derrimut, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 1997
Kings Park Estate, Narre Warren South, Vic, New Community, 1997
Cambridge Estate, Hoppers Crossing, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 1997
Yarra Primary School, Richmond, Vic, Educational/Community, 1997
Patrick Webb Dock, Port Melbourne, Vic, Commercial/Industrial, 1997
Yarra Ridge Vineyard, Yarra Glen, Vic, Commercial, 1997
Hillcrest Estate, Narre Warren North, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 1997
Westlake Estate, Melton West, Vic, New Community, 1996
Cypress Hills Estate, Narre Warren, Vic, New Community, 1996
Mornington Independent Living Units, Mornington, Vic, Independent Living Development, 1996
Silkwood Rise, Rowville, Vic, New Community, 1996
Churchill Park, Lysterfield, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 1996
OakTree Rise, Lysterfield, Vic, Boutique Residential Development, 1996
Woodlands of Berwick, Narre Warren South, Vic, New Community, 1996
Sandown Entertainment Centre, Sandown, Vic, Commercial, 1996
Ern Jensen Funeral, St Albans, Vic, Cemetery/Funerary, 1995
Chirnside Village, Chirnside Park, Vic, New Community, 1995
Burvill Residence, Adelaide, SA, Private Residential, 1994
Wyndham Green, Wyndham Vale, Vic, New Community, 1994
Hewett Primary School, Hewett, SA, Educational/Community, 1994
Davis Avenue Townhouses, South Yarra, Vic, Medium-density Residential, 1994
Hi-Fert Newcastle, Kooragang, NSW, Commercial/Industrial, 1994

Selected Chuck Wark projects
Pre-Ground Control (as director of Cielens+Wark)

Golden Grove, Golden Grove, SA, New Community, 1985–1994
Enfield Memorial Park, Broadview, SA, Cemetery/Funerary, 1984–1994
Todd Street Mall, Alice Springs, NT, Public Urban, 1987
Lincoln Cove, Port Lincoln, SA, Mixed Use Commercial/Residential, 1986
Commonwealth Centre, Adelaide, SA, Commercial, 1984