Project Tag: Public Urban

Mansfield High Street Western Median Redevelopment

In 2004, Mansfield Shire Council requested Ground Control’s design input into the redevelopment of the High Street eastern median.  In 2018, Council has again engaged Ground Control to assess the western section of the High Street median and provide redesign options to revitalise this secondary open space.

The High Street western median currently hosts the Mansfield Farmers’ Market each month, and at all other times provides parking, pedestrian access and informal passive uses as a public space  for lunch under a shady tree and for other purposes.  This 350 metre long median section, although currently the ‘poorer cousin’ of the main eastern median, is flanked on the south side by the historic Mansfield Court House, the post office and the Bendigo Bank, and on the north side by the Hotel Delatite, Mansfield’s other main supermarket and associated specialty shops and the terminus for the V-Line coach service to Melbourne.

Ground Control’s challenge is to reactivate the western median, provide a focal hub for the monthly Farmers’ Market and for other organised public uses, improve the amenity and facilities to match the eastern median and result in a functional and attractive public open space the equal of the existing eastern median.

Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment

Ground Control was engaged in 2018 by Pellicano Builders to provide landscape design and documentation services to the public open space for the Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment.

The redevelopment centred on the Heritage Goods Shed immediately north of the Ballarat Train Station.  As part of the urban renewal of the precinct, the Goods Shed, built in 1863, will be converted into a conference and exhibition centre with an associated public plaza and external events area.

Completing the precinct redevelopment is a 77 room apartment hotel, a multi-storey secure commuter carpark, other parking areas, access roads, pedestrian spaces, shade trees and amenity landscape.

The multi-storey carpark is due for completion in 2019, with the balance of the development to follow.