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Mansfield Family & Children’s Centre

The Mansfield Family & Children’s Centre is a new community facility developed by the Mansfield Shire Council on a central site within the town centre, adjacent to the existing Mansfield Kindergarten. The Council’s objective was to develop a sustainable, integrated and flexible Family Services Hub facility in central Mansfield.

Ground Control was initially engaged by the Council to work closely with Whitefield McQueen Irwin Alsop (now GroupGSA), the project architects, to integrate the new facility into the existing site. Close attention has been paid to achieving improved and safe pedestrian and cycle movement between Highett Street, Davies Street and both new building entries, to design clear and concise vehicle and parking layouts and to maximise the remaining available open space for active and passive recreation.

Ground Control’s expertise in earthworks planning has resulted in the best possible siting of the new built form, while maintaining DDA-compliant access grades and creating overland flow paths for storm events. Initial stormwater management is via bio-swales where possible.

Construction was completed in 2014.