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Ashburton Library & Learning Centre

The Ashburton Library, in association with the adjoining Community Centre, is centrally located on High Street in Ashburton’s popular retail district. The existing library was designed by architect Daryl Jackson and construction was completed in 1980.

In 2011, the Boroondara City Council engaged GroupGSA Architects to undertake the sensitive refurbishment of the existing award-winning library building, plus the addition of a new, integrated Community Centre to replace the existing ageing facility adjacent to the library. The overall budget for the refurbishment and new development was $5.5M.

Ground Control’s primary responsibility was to transform and invigorate the existing landscape surrounding the Library precinct, while refocusing the open space to the existing Library and seamlessly integrating the new Community Centre addition.  The new forecourt the Library and Community Centre is supplemented by realigned open space areas, a new playspace and a playful ‘barcode’ paving element integrated with the playspace rubberised softfall colour patterning.

An existing Angophora costata (Smooth-barked Apple Myrtle) in the NE corner of the site is listed in the Victorian Heritage/National Trust Database as a tree of State significance. We worked with Council’s senior arborist to ensure this tree was unaffected by the new works and it remains a key element in the new landscape.

Works were completed in 2014.

Melbourne Girls’ College

Between 2003 and 2007, Ground Control provided landscape design and documentation services for open space areas around the College grounds.  The extent of open space was extremely limited on this tightly confined site between Yarra Boulevard and the Yarra River, and was therefore highly valued by the school community for passive and active use.

The school campus was also undergoing rapid expansion of its facilities, resulting in many subsequent adjustments and revisions to early landscape layouts over this five year period to accommodate the rapidly changing footprint of the school infrastructure and the recasting of the community’s needs for specific areas.

The areas of the school involving Ground Control design direction were the interfaces and entry foyer for the Lyceum/Performing Arts building, screening to the Gymnasium, the oval layout (levels, planting), the original office entry forecourt and the Yarra River side of the Performing Arts centre (seating, paving revisions, tree planting).

Malcolm Creek Preschool

At Malcolm Creek Preschool, Craigieburn, Ground Control worked closely with Dock4 Architects and Hume City Council to provide a diverse playspace in a very confined area on two sides of the new facility.

The focus of the design was maximizing the range of activities possible, ensuring landscape detailing provided safe and accessible connections, providing summer shade and winter sun through planting and permanent structures, while integrating the external spaces with the new built facility and creating a unifying thematic that brought all the diverse elements together visually and functionally.

Works were completed in 2015.